2022 State Ticket - Winners

1) Browning Buck Mark Plus Vision Americana UFX 22LR

Tom Orris

2) Browning Buckmark Plus Vision UFX Blue 22LR

Jacob Hicks

3) Kimber 84M Hunter .243

JT Swick

4) Ruger 10/22 Rifle

Shawn Ritter

5) Glock 44 .22LR Pistol

Tyler Eberts

6) Tippman Arms M4-22 Elite

Zackery Slothower

7) Savage Axis Black 270 Win 22” w/$250 gift card for scope

Kathy Kline

8) SKB RS300 Shotgun

Susan Robb

9) Browning A Bolt Hunter 30.06

Chris Miller

10 thru 19) Browning 2 knife Tin

James Stewart

Shaun Henry

Tyler Guinan

Dana Edwards

Tim Rex

Michael Donaghy

Justin Herbst

Denise Palumbo

Ben Kettering

Denise Palumbo

Palmyra Members

Pickup at the end of the kitchen counter 

or at events

Sporting Clays


Pistol Matches

State Ticket Procedures

Order Tickets

1. Contact us: Let us know how many tickets you would like

      office@palmyraSportsmens.com    717-432-0488

2. We will mail or arrange pickup of tickets

3. We need your address/email/phone and MidwayUSA Foundation endowment information

Return Tickets

1. Drop off / Arrange pickup  or   Mail to

   410 Sportsman Rd

   Annville, Pa  17003

How the State Ticket Works

1. You sell tickets for $10 each

2. Palmyra Sportsmen's (PSA) matches your money at 1 times

3. Palmyra sends the matched money to MidwayUSA Foundation (MUSF) and they will match (Amount varies by month)


1. Sell 10 tickets - send $100 to PSA

2. PSA Sends $200 to MSUF  ($100 match)

3. MUSF will match  usually between .75  and 1.2  times

     at 75%    $350 would be put into your endowment 

PSA MidwayUSA Initiative

Palmyra Sportsmen's Association is a state partner of the MidwayUSA Foundation. This means that we help youth shooting programs within the state secure a permanent revenue stream through MidwayUSA Foundation Endowment Accounts.

Teams that already have an endowment account can update or modify them here.

    Donate directly to your endowment account
    using our matching program:

    Palmyra Sportsmen's Association, Inc.

    410 Sportsman Road

    Annville, PA 17003

    We match your endowment account donations!

    Team sends PSA $500

    PSA matches $500

    MidwayUSA Foundation (varies)

    Total of $1,000 plus MidwayUSA match

    To apply for a grant to help fund New Programs, Coaching Schools, or Clinics:

    Send completed form to Office@PalmyraSportsmens.com

    Palmyra Sportsmen's Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

    410 Sportsman Rd. Annville, PA 17003


    email: office@palmyrasportsmens.com

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