2022 FT Event Dates

 All dates are on a Sunday

Indoor Events:

  • February 6
  • March 13

Outdoor Events:

  • April 10
  • May 8
  • June 19
  • July 10
  • August 14 (Match Bulletin)
  • September 11
  • October 16
  • November 13

Our shooting dates are also posted to the Minutemen League calendar.  Check the calendar if you are interested in other Field Target events in the Northeast US.

Contact Info

For info about Airgun Field Target at Palmyra Sportsmen's Assoc, contact Rod Beyerle via email at rkmjb@aol.com 

2022 Field Target Event Format

Starting with the 2022 season, we will hold one match strictly following the AAFTA rules format (in August), we will post a match bulletin for this match.

Otherwise, our other events are meant to be informal and friendly to new shooters, families, and casual shooters; we will post scores for those that want to compare scores.  There is no scheduled start time for these events, you can start a course when you show up.

There will be 3 separate 5 lane loops or mini-courses.  Someone can shoot all 3 loops for a 60 shot match course, or can choose to shoot any combination of loops, or shoot the same loop multiple times.  A loop will have 5 lanes, 2 targets per lane, and 2 shots per target for a total of 20 shots per loop.  There will always be a loop on our rifle range, which is friendly for those that do not want to walk on terrain.  Each loop will also have one lane with forced position (standing or kneeling).

We will post scores for each loop, and for those that shoot all 3 courses, we will post a 60-shot aggregate score.  You can opt out of your score being posted.

We will be open for sign-ups between 9AM - 3PM.  Cost is $5 per loop.  Sign-up and sight in range is at our Competition Rifle Range.

We shoot rain or shine.  Our range loop is on a covered range, and if we expect rain, all loops may be on a covered range.

Indoor Field Target

During the winter months we run an indoor field target event.  Targets will be placed at ranges between 10 yards and 22 yards.  This event is a great way to get introduced to field target, have fun, or practice for the upcoming outdoor season.

Targets will be set to a difficulty as to be legal difficulty if shooting from the standing position.  You are not required to shoot the standing position, but for those that want the practice, we encourage you to shoot the entire course standing.  Other ways you may want to shoot this course is using guns suited for these shorter distances, such as a multi-pump pellet gun (no BBs).  There is no position restrictions for this event, shoot the positions you feel comfortable.

The course will be 5 lanes with two targets per lane, 2 shots per target.  Course is set by rifle difficulty, but you can shoot with pistol.

We will be open for sign-ups between 9AM and 1PM.  Cost is $5 per round, you can re-enter as many times as time allows.  This event is held in our clubhouse on our indoor rifle range.

What is Airgun Field Target (FT)?

The premise is simple enough - guess the distance to the target, guess what the wind is doing, take your shot and hope the target falls so you get a point. Anyone who tells you this game is easy is just wrong - simple...yes, easy...no.

There are many facets to field target that require your equipment, mind, body, and soul to be ready. But in the end it's all about having a great day shooting with your field target friends, sharing stories, laughing, teasing, poking, prodding, and, oh yeah, shooting.

The targets are reactive silhouettes of typical small-game quarry that fall when hit in the hit-zone. Scoring is simple: one point for each hit and a zero for each miss.  For air rifles, the targets are placed between 10 and 55 yards, with hit-zones ranging between 3/8” and 2” in diameter.

At Palmyra, we are interested in supporting all aspects of the Field Target game, but will also be mostly focused on introducing this game to new shooters.  We encourage you to bring out your kids and try shooting under the hunters division ruleset.

Learn more at http://www.aafta.org/

Equipment (What to Bring)

There are two ways you can shoot this game, hunter division or WFTF/Open division.  If you are new to this game, we recommend you start shooting hunter division.

Regardless of division, you will need an air gun with a scope, and appropriate pellets (domed pellets are recommended).  Per safety procedures, you will need to have your gun in a case, bag, or cradle.  We highly recommend you wear eye protection.  We will have limited rental guns and pellets for purchase if you want to give this game a try with minimal investment.

Your air gun must be able to shoot with no more than 20 foot-pounds of energy (fpe).  Most .177 caliber guns will be under 20 fpe, and if you have a .22 caliber, it may be able to adjust to below 20 fpe.  Common types of air guns are either spring/gas piston, or pre-charged pneumatic (PCP).

Pellets/ammo: Only lead or lead alloy pellets. No BBs, penetrator tips, or steel pellets.  No slugs.

You may need to shoot from the kneeling position, but you can always opt to shoot standing instead of kneeling.  If shooting kneeling, you may want to consider using a kneeling roll.

If shooting hunter division, you will want a bucket or stool, and shooting sticks (bog sticks). 

If shooting WFTF/Open divisions, you will need to shoot from position, and the equipment requirements will depend on your shooting positions.  You may want to use a bum bag or other cushion to sit on.  There will likely be other equipment needs to set up your sitting position, such as knee pads and adjustable gun parts.

For any rules clarifications, check out the AAFTA rules at www.aafta.org

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