Airgun Field Target (FT)

The premise is simple enough - guess the distance to the target, guess what the wind is doing, take your shot and hope the target falls so you get a point. Anyone who tells you this game is easy is just wrong - simple...yes,

There are many facets to field target that require your equipment, mind, body, and soul to be ready. But in the end it's all about having a great day shooting with your field target friends, sharing stories, laughing, teasing, poking, prodding, and, oh yeah, shooting.

The targets are reactive silhouettes of typical small-game quarry that fall when hit in the hit-zone. Scoring is simple: one point for each hit and a zero for each miss.  For air rifles, the targets are placed between 10 and 55 yards, with hit-zones ranging between 3/8” and 2” in diameter.

At Palmyra, we are interested in supporting all aspects of the Field Target game, but will also be mostly focused on introducing this game to new shooters.  We encourage you to bring out your kids and try shooting under the hunters division ruleset.

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Equipment (What to Bring)

At a minimum you will need an airgun with a scope, and appropriate pellets. Per safety policies, your gun will need to be bagged or cased, and you will need to wear eye protection. We have limited rental guns and pellets for purchase if you want to give field target a try with minimal investment.

Airgun: likely a rifle, the gun must shoot with no more than 20 foot-pounds of energy (fpe).  In general, this is most .177 and .22 caliber airguns on the market.  Common types of airguns used are either a spring air (springer) type gun or a pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) .  

Pellets/ammo: Only lead or lead alloy pellets. No BBs, penetrator tips, or steel pellets.

Scope: It is recommended to use a scope on your rifle.  You may be able to get away with using open sights, but it will be difficult trying to see the targets at long distances. 

Bucket/Stool: When shooting hunter division, you can sit on a bucket or stool that has no arms or back.

Shooting sticks: In hunter division, you can use shooting sticks or a bog stick to support the gun when shooting at non-position restricted stations/lanes.

Kneeling roll: Can be used when shooting the kneeling position.

Sitting pad: A sitting pad can be used when shooting the sitting position.

Shooting mat: You may want to use a shooting mat depending on your shooting position choice.

2021 FT Event Dates

Shooting is informal and open to the public.  Sign up the day of the event at the Competition Rifle range. 

Time: Signups start at 12;30pm, last signup at 3:30pm.

Fees: $5 per shooter, youth discount available. 

  • August 14 (Grand Opening)
  • September 11
  • October 9
  • November 13

Rain or Shine.  If rain is expected, we will setup to shoot from covered firing positions. 

Shooters will be in squads of up to 4 shooters, and the typical course of fire will be 5 lanes (stations) for a total of 30 shots.

Contact Info

For info about Airgun Field Target at Palmyra Sportsmen's Assoc, contact Rod Beyerle via email at 


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